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Dalet AmberFin

High-quality media processing platform with integrated ingest and QC

Platform Highlights
Orchestrated and scalable media processing platform

Dalet AmberFin is an orchestrated, scalable media processing platform with fully integrated ingest, mastering, QC and review functionality, enabling facilities to make great pictures in a scalable, reliable and interoperable way.

Dalet AmberFin software runs on cost-effective, commodity IT hardware that can adapt and grow as the needs of your business change.

Whether you need a single application specific product or a large-scale enterprise-class transcode farm, Dalet AmberFin software is built upon unique technology that ensures your media assets retain the highest quality whether standard- definition, high-definition, ultra-high-definition or new media content.

Key Features
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Dalet Workflow Engine & AmberFin Transcoding Platform
The Dalet Workflow Engine together with the Dalet AmberFin transcoding platform delivers a powerful, yet simple-to-use system for orchestrating media processing, program preparation and distribution workflows.
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Dalet AmberFin - Brochure
Dalet AmberFin - Datasheet v11.6
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