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Dalet Media Cortex - Cognitive Services

Dalet Media Cortex

Orchestrated AI Services to Augment your Media Workflows

Get The Benefits of AI, Not The Complexity!

Dalet Media Cortex is a SaaS platform that allows media organizations to simply connect and consumes AI technologies everywhere they add value to operations & business.

The cloud service enables existing Dalet customers to consume cognitive services on demand in a pay-as-you-go model.


Dalet Media Cortex - Benefits


With AI-augmented tools and workflows, media professionals are more productive, dedicate more time to creative work and collaborate better. At the other end, audiences are better served thanks to higher quality content and richer, personalized multiplatform experiences.


AI Everywhere - Orchestrated Media Intelligence at your Fingertips

Illustrating how AI is put right at your fingertips, Dalet Discovery Panel assists users with recommendations and content analysis thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Named Entity Recognition (NER) techniques.

The right combination of engines for the right purpose, with intuitive UIs that display content insights and contextual recommendations for users.


Dalet Media Cortex - Recommendations & Analysis


Agile Platform with Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and Recommendation Engines

For media organizations to get full business value from AI, it requires the right method and the appropriate platform to operate at scale. Leveraging the Dalet Galaxy five advanced asset management and workflow automation capabilities, Dalet Media Cortex is designed to orchestrate combinations of cognitive services, fine-tune the models, version the data sets, align them with customers’ taxonomies, and eventually surface the results at various levels of the Dalet application stack to provide actionable insights and real value to the users and to the organization.


Dalet Media Cortex - Overview


AI Tailored To Your Media Operations
Best-in-Class Cognitive Services
People / Celebrities Identification
Automatically recognize actors, politicians, sport players, musicians, and other celebrities
Visual Content Moderation
Review tool to moderate images and videos
Labels (Objects & Actions)
Objects and action recognition engine
Optical Character Recognition
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) aka text recognition extracts text from visual content or documents
Brand and logo recognition engine, giving insights on names of products & organizations that appear in a video or audio asset
Scene Detection
Scene detection helps you split a video at changes into sub clips automatically
Convert speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.
Textual Content Moderation
Moderate text content using machine-assisted text moderation and human review capabilities
Sentiment Analysis
Identify and categorize opinions expressed, especially in order to determine the speaker's attitude
Named Entity Recognition
Automatically locate and classify named entities in text into pre-defined categories
Data Alignment
Align data from multiple AI engines: track engine versions, monitor pertinence, enable fine tuning
Key Phrases Extraction
Automatically extract important topical words and phrases from documents


Dalet Media Cortex - Highlights
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