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Dalet News Wire

Connect your Newsroom to the World

Unified Planning
Wires Processing & Script Editing
Rundown Management
Multiplatform Delivery
360° Collaboration
Manage end-to-end TV, radio, digital and social media news production

Dalet News Wire is Dalet Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), the only fully integrated news system that meets the challenge of media convergence. In a single system, Dalet News Wire manages end-to-end TV, radio, digital and social media news production.

This powerful module covers all the needs of a newsroom, from scheduling, job assignment, wire ingest, scripting to social media integration. To foster collaboration and offer a cohesive workflow, Dalet News Wire is directly connected to the desktop production tools and shares the same media database. Boasting integration with third-party systems, Dalet News Wire story-centric workflow tools increase productivity and maximize content value through easy content repurposing on multiple devices.

Key Features
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