NewsTECHForum NYC 2022

Reimagining the News and How it’s Produced

Location: New York

Date: 12/13/22

Time: 09:00 AM

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Join Platinum sponsor, Dalet, at NewsTECHForum in New York City where we will gather with digital executives, managers and professionals from the television networks, station groups and digital native and other news organizations to talk about the unique challenges they face in their sector of the media industry.

Dalet’s leadership team and media workflow specialists will be on hand to discuss the company’s updated product lineup, showcasing its latest innovations in content workflows, cloud technology, and user experience.

Join us to discuss next-generation news production and media workflows in the cloud!

What to expect

Meet a new approach to unified news production across all channels and audiences.

Dalet Pyramid – the next-generation Unified News Operations. Evolving from Dalet Galaxy five and bringing Storytelling 360 capabilities to reporters, journalists, producers and digital teams everywhere.



  • Collaboration at the core featuring easy-to-learn user tools for team collaboration, from anywhere
  • Digital-first thinking unifying news production across all channels and audiences, including broadcast and digital platforms
  • Intuitive news editing through a Web client, with features such as voice-over and broadcast graphics on the timeline
  • AI-driven workflows from automated transcripts and translations to rough cuts and fake-news detection, you’ll save time while creating compelling stories
  • Smooth editing experience through your Web client, even with limited bandwidth

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing Dalet Galaxy five deployment or start afresh with your newsroom, we have the solution for you. Learn more about Dalet Pyramid here.

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