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Apr 08, 2019 - Apr 11, 2019
Las Vegas
NAB Show is where ground-breaking technology is unveiled, innovative solutions are displayed and game-changing trends are exposed. Prepare to explore aisle after aisle of awesome tech, cool gear, smart software, capable cloud solutions and limitless ideas and inspiration. Only here can you roll-up your sleeves and be hands-on with the products, services and people driving the future of content.
NAB Show 2019

Explore all Dalet innovations in Las Vegas!

Discover the latest technology and smart software from Dalet, with limitless ideas and inspiration! Only here can you roll-up your sleeves and be hands-on with the products, services and people driving the future of content.

Visit us at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth SL6610, where Dalet media workflow specialists will take you through the latest developments for our solutions and services.

Register here for Free Exhibits Pass with Dalet Guest Pass Code LV4626.


Product Highlights


Dalet - Enabling Your Transformation


 Dalet Galaxy five

Intelligent. Agile. Social.

Dalet Galaxy five

Build a truly agile, data-driven media organization! Dalet Galaxy five brings a number of important functional enhancements and three major technology innovations that streamline media operations and enable new forward-thinking business models. The first enables media organizations to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the workflow, the second leverages hybrid infrastructures with on-premises and Cloud deployments, the third puts social media at the core of the operations.




Dalet - Transforming Live Productions


Dalet OnePlay

Make your live shows a cross-screen experience 


Opening a new era for show production automation, Dalet OnePlay not only automates the control of all devices in the studio but more importantly allows you to manage the choreography of your live show experience across screens and social channels.




Dalet - Augmenting Media Operations


Dalet Media Cortex

Connect your content to opportunities


Dalex Media Cortex is a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS service that lets Dalet Galaxy five customers easily benefit from AI technologies thanks to automated metadata capture with cognitive services and enhanced content discovery with insights and contextual recommendations for users.

Featured use cases include:

  • automated content indexing to save time and improve data depth and consistency
  • automatic content captioning and highlights creation to optimize resources and do more
  • smart content recommendations with contextual information and actionable insights for users


Discover Dalet Media Cortex


Dalet - Championing Mobile Journalism


Connecting a Globally Distributed Workforce

In addition to Dalet On-the-Go and Dalet WebSpace for remote collaboration, Dalet Galaxy five offers a new remote editing framework that securely brings journalists, producers, editors, and other content creators in the workflow to work remotely connected to the central content hub. Edit from anywhere with Dalet OneCut and leave behind the commute times to get your packages back to the station!


Learn More


Solution Highlights

Orchestrated Media Solutions




Dalet Events at NAB Show

Dalet Pulse - Lead the Change at NAB Show 2019

Explore Dalet innovations & uncover the latest market trends

Dalet Pulse is where media & technology executives meet to connect, collaborate, and celebrate as one community. Dalet keynote speakers will introduce new products, thought leaders and innovation speakers will discuss the latest trends in the industry! You will learn about the most innovative media organizations implementing the latest Dalet technologies into their workflows to become more agile, improve collaboration and streamline operations.

Events details

  • When: Sunday, April 7th starting 5 PM
  • Where: SLS Hotel, The Foundry





Where to find us? 

Meet with Dalet at booth SL6610, where our workflow specialists will give your an overview of the latest developments for our products, solutions and services.

Dalet NAB 2019 Localisation


NAB Show 2019
Date: April 08, 2019 - April 11, 2019
Location: Usa
Website: NAB Show
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