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Jul 24, 2018 - Jul 25, 2018
Ho Chi Minh City
This will be the fourth Global News Forum in which News directors, producers reporters and decision-makers in Asia- Pacific will get together with news leaders from across the globe to grapple with mutual challenges with the advent of the digital wave. Decision makers in Newsrooms including Heads of News will benefit from this major news dialogue.
Global News Forum

On July 24-25 at the 2018 Global News Forum in Ho Chi Minh, Director of Sales for Asia Pacific, Rosa Pereiro, presented a much-anticipated keynote on next-generation news operations enabled by Dalet's end-to-End and Story-Centric news solution for Multiplatform Production and Distribution.

Keynote Abstract

The Dalet Unified News Operations solution addresses the key challenges of today's news production and distribution. They unify Social and Traditional Newsrooms, which benefits not only the Editorial team, but the overall organisation. Dalet offers Newsroom Orchestration to automate multi-platform distribution and streamline complex workflows, which does not only speed up news production, it also minimises human error. Dalet's news system enhances Team Collaboration by providing shared workspaces and giving journalists the greatest flexibility possible to produce their story. A state-of-the-art newsroom is also taking Artificial Intelligence into account to make the overall workflow smarter. Dalet's AI Augmented Newsroom provides Auto Tagging and Discovery, as well as Deep Keyword Navigation assisting the journalists to tell their story faster and more in-depth.