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Oct 09, 2018 - Oct 12, 2018
An annual professional meeting point as much as a friendly and welcoming learning and networking opportunity, the FIAT/IFTA conferences provide the forum par excellence for all those involved in audiovisual and especially broadcaster’s archives.
FIAT/IFTA conferences

The 2018 FIAT/IFTA World Conference will take place in Venice, Italy, and will be hosted by RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana at the Palazzo Labia, from October 9th to October 12th.


Venice, an icon of cultural heritage ancient and modern, will bring together archivists of the world’s most important media collections, but also digital strategists, media producers, curators and preservationists, researchers and industry partners. It will feature different types of sessions presenting keynote speakers, plenary sessions, workshops, case study sessions and expert discussion tables. A unique forum for media archives and media industry vendors to discuss, network and learn from each other on the organisational and technological challenges and practical solutions facing the digital archiving and broadcasting community today and in the future.


Dalet at FIAT/IFTA World Conference


Dalet will be speaking at the conference with a focus on its leading Archive management solution. The evolution of the Media industry shows that from small to large-scale organizations, a well-managed, accessible and connected archive is an essential and valuable part of any content operation. Realizing this importance, Dalet offers end-to-end Archiving solutions to optimize media organizations workflow and to maximize their assets.

Dalet workflow experts will present the latest technology advancements as well as customers stories that illustrate how, based on an advanced MAM and BPM, Dalet's Archive solutions empower media organizations to optimize their operations with a seamless collaboration and a unified multimedia content catalog .


Conference Agenda


With a full agenda, this conference promises to be rich of insights and valuable best practices. This year’s main presentation topics will include: 

Leveraging the powers hidden within your treasure

Content is ubiquitous and not just on a television screen. Archives who would like to win over the media consumers have to convince them with a well-tailored offering. Who are the most interesting user groups, what exactly do they want and how do we make a good fit?

In the archive’s control tower

Current trends and topics in media management: the way in which media is produced and consumed has changed radically. Inflows and outflows have grown dramatically and they are characterized by great diversity. Media managers have to channel it all, making use of new instruments. So: how do we organise the content in the back end of our OTT and VOD platforms? Which skillsets are required to keep up with the pace of change? What will be the impact of artificial intelligence and automatic metadata creation in general?

Analog and digital preservation

To beat the two-headed monster called ‘degralescence’ (M. Casey, Indiana University), digitisation efforts definitely need to speed up. But while taking care of that, we also realize that digitisation makes migration a way of life. This new challenge requires new skills, new workflows and new instruments. How will we manage large scale digital intake projects, including transcoding and rewrapping. Which updates can we bring from the codecs and wrappers world? Which innovations currently characterize the audiovisual digitisation market?


Technology as an opportunity between producers and re-users. Using the term ‘rights’ is a frequently used technique to nip access and reuse initiatives in the bud. But it is an excuse that cannot last forever, especially now that new technologies are opening new ways. How to turn old obstacles into new opportunities? We’ll welcome presentations about blockchain as a rights control and protection technology, the implementation of DRM systems, privacy and data security (including GDPR) for audiovisual archives and copyright risk assessment in the audiovisual archives.

New trends and techniques in archives research

For media producers the challenge of delivering content on time is quickly turning into the challenge of making content discoverable. Reliability and authenticity remain core values however, and the same counts for scientists who leverage media archives as a scientific source. These require new ways of analysing the archive, new ways of storytelling, new ways of getting the most out of the archive.

FIAT/IFTA conferences
Date: October 09, 2018 - October 12, 2018
Location: Italy
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