FIAT/IFTA Virtual World Conference 2021

A global network of broadcast archives

Location: Virtual

Date: 10/19/21 - 10/21/21

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Once again, Dalet is pleased to take part in FIAT/IFTA World Conference.

FIAT /IFTA promotes co-operation amongst radio and television archives, multimedia and audiovisual archives and libraries, and all those engaged in the preservation and exploitation of moving images and recorded sound materials and associated documentation.

We look forward to seeing you all online both at the conference and during the networking sessions. Book a meeting with us here for an initial conversation on your archive management needs. We’ve helped the likes of the BBC, Mediacorp, RAI, Sportcast (Bundesliga), and VOA!


Live Keynote

New actors, new models, new processes in MAM and metadata creation

Dalet will be taking part in the conference chapter around new actors, new models, new processes in MAM and metadata creation with a presentation by Jonathan Coutts-Zawadzki, entitled “Powerful Content Deserves a Powerful Home”. The session will discuss how technology evolution is changing the face of content supply chains everywhere and the management of audiovisual archives.

Discover how leading broadcasters connect their content to opportunities with these key highlights from Dalet’s previous presence at FIAT/IFTA.



Powerful content deserves a powerful home

Configurable content management solution Dalet Flex makes it easier and less costly to manage, package and distribute content with powerful metadata and asset management.



  • Automate migration of legacy storage to a highly scalable archive, designed for security and continual growth
  • More visibility: Dalet Flex shares metadata and analytics to create a single source of truth along the content supply and archive chain
  • Open platform with flexible deployment models for on-premises, cloud and hybrid
  • Choose the business model that works best for you, including Dalet-hosted infrastructure and SaaS
  • Open partner ecosystem and true poly-cloud provides extended support for modern archives

Learn more about Dalet Flex here.


Meet a new approach to unified news production across all channels and audiences.

Dalet Pyramid – the next-generation Unified News Operations. Evolving from Dalet Galaxy five and bringing Storytelling 360 capabilities to librarians, journalists, producers and digital teams everywhere.



  • Collaboration at the core featuring easy-to-learn user tools for team collaboration, from anywhere
  • Rich metadata searching and cataloging tools, including integration with existing archives
  • Digital-first thinking unifying news production across all channels and audiences, including broadcast and digital platforms
  • Intuitive news editing through a Web client,  supporting easy archive compilation and selection
  • AI-driven workflows from automated transcripts and translations to rough cuts and fake-news detection, you’ll save time when archiving content

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing Dalet Galaxy five deployment or start afresh with your newsroom, we have the solution for you. Learn more about Dalet Pyramid here.


Intelligent Archives with Artificial Intelligence



Boost your content archival, management and delivery with the Dalet Media Cortex AI service platform. Content intelligence at your fingertips: the right insights in the right toolset with the right context.

  • Enrich content automatically
  • Automate caption creation
  • Get editorial recommendations
  • Automated highlight creation



Presenting: Powerful Content Deserves a Powerful Home

Jonathan Coutts-Zawadzki

Product Marketing & Customer Advocacy Manager

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