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Dalet Brio IP

Dalet Brio

Plataforma de alta densidad para la incorporación y emisión de los medios.

Platform Highlights
Incorporación y emisión de videos de alta densidad
Las unidades de Dalet Brio se diseñaron para la incorporación y emisión de videos en formatos SD, HD y UHD.
Herramientas y aplicaciones potentes para el usuario
Dalet Brio se integra a la perfección con el resto de las soluciones de Dalet para proporcionar flujos de trabajo integrales, flexibles y escalables.
Escalable, adaptable y rentable
Dalet Brio se ofrece con diferentes combinaciones de entrada y de salida, o de almacenamiento local o central. Cada unidad se desarrolla con un equipo de IT robusto y ofrece opciones de redundancia excepcional.
Ingest & playout broadcast quality video in SD, HD, and UHD

Dalet Brio is an innovative and cost-effective platform for broadcast customers looking for non-proprietary hardware to digitize and playback their content, either as a complement or replacement of their existing video servers. Built on an IT-based input and output video platform, it seamlessly integrates with Dalet Solutions to provide a highly flexible and scalable end-to-end solution.

Dalet Brio units are designed to ingest and playout broadcast quality video in SD, HD, and UHD formats. They come in a variety of input/output or local/central storage combinations. Each unit is built on robust IT equipment with built-in redundancy.

Key Features

Flexible Codec Support

Dalet Brio supports a very wide range of software codecs. In order to ensure broad interoperability, industry-standard wrappers such as Quicktime & MXF are supported, allowing seamless workflow integration with third-party NLEs and Dalet production tools. Dalet Brio can play any supported files, including a mix of SD, HD and UHD on the same timeline, back-to-back with dynamic cross-, up- and down- conversion of the video signal, as well as aspect ratio modifications.

Transition to IP

Dalet Brio is ready for the transition to IP-based video production, with the support of multiple video-over-IP standards from the high-end SMPTE 2022-6/-7 and SMPTE 2110, including NMOS interoperability, to the popular NewTek NDI streams. Dalet Brio supports hybrid SDI / IP workflows, to ensure that the transition to IP production is smooth. Dalet is working together with the AMWA association.

Proven Reliability

With more than 1,000 news, channel automation, MAM & QC, and sports production deployments, Dalet Brio has a successful track record that spans just about every broadcast server workflow scenario. More than its versatility, Brio has proven its load tolerance and scalability capabilities, supporting large content producers and broadcasters.

Third-party support

Dalet Brio can be part of Dalet Galaxy Architecture for Ingest and Playout but can also fit into third-party MAM, NRCS, and Playout control systems with VDCP and BVW protocol. With Dalet Brio supporting FIMS standards, Adobe Premiere Pro CC can control Dalet Brio for ingest as a plugin as well as Ingest to AVID Interplay/ISIS and Apple FCP X.

Media Navigator Presentation
Dalet Brio, combined with the Dalet Media Navigator module, forms a cost-effective and flexible solution for studio ingest and playout.
Dalet Brio Datasheet v3.20
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