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Breaking News Faster with an Integrated Production Workflow Powered by Dalet

Multi-site News Workflows

By connecting teams and systems across Mumbai and Delhi, Dalet Galaxy enables a comprehensive operational transformation that gives 24/7 news channel “Times NOW” a first-to-air breaking news workflow.

Discover how Times Now, India's most watched English news channel owned and operated by The Times Group, leverages Dalet solutions to break news faster! By connecting siloed production and post-production teams and systems across Mumbai and Delhi, Dalet Galaxy enabled a comprehensive operational transformation that gives Times Now a "first-to-air" breaking news workflow that encompasses the complete story.

Key to the transformation was the digitization and integration of The Times Group archives. No longer do staff need to manually review archive logs, request media from the archivist, and wait for the content to complete the story - Dalet WebSpace provides immediate access to all content with tools to assemble stories that contain a mix of freshly shot and archival content.

"We decided Dalet was the best partner for this mission. Their platform allows us to bring all our content into one place and create seamless access for our users, with tools and intelligence to manage multiple workflows across several locations and business units.” states K Yegneshwara Iyer, senior vice president, Times Network.

Key Benefits of Dalet at Times Now

  • Enhanced storytelling - Creating richer stories by fueling the creativity of journalists and editors with enhanced asset discovery and seamless team collaboration.
  • Ubiquitous content access - Connecting content to opportunities by bringing all assets into one shared environment with instant access for journalists and producers of each local newsroom.
  • Faster news production workflows - Outpacing competitive news outlets in the delivery of breaking news thanks to streamlined workflows and intuitive tools.
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