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Remote Work with Dalet

Enable home-based production

Empower news teams to continue to tell vital stories!

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Key benefits
  • Streamline remote editing experience
  • Scale out your operations
  • Collaborative workflows, everywhere

Seamless mobility and home-based production

Enable remote workflows quickly and securely, empowering all content creators – internal teams and freelancers - to access their familiar news creation tools anywhere.

What is Dalet Galaxy xCloud?

Dalet Galaxy xCloud is a dedicated, cloud-hosted Dalet Galaxy system, managed by Dalet as a full SaaS service, that connects to your existing on-premises system and supports workflows for remote editing teams.

Dalet Galaxy xCloud
Remote editing anytime, anywhere

Dalet Galaxy xCloud powerful local caching mechanism provides a seamless editing experience even under difficult network conditions. Benefit from advanced proxy editing, mixing of central and local content, ability to review packages, approve stories, and deliver breaking news in seconds!

Dalet Remote Editor
Truly Collaborative

Dalet Galaxy xCloud brings all the latest content to your home workplace, so you can edit on growing files. With optional additions such as chat tools and Dalet On-the-Go mobile experience, you’re sure to stay connected with your teams.

Dalet Remote Editing Framework
Secure and easy to implement and operate

Dalet Galaxy xCloud works through a simple, but secure gateway to your on-premise system. Hosted in AWS and fully managed by Dalet, the solution complies with our leading security policies (ISO 27100).

Dalet Galaxy xCloud SaaS Service

Get started. Fast.

As a hosted SaaS solution, Dalet Galaxy xCloud allows you to start quickly, with a seamless implementation. You can scale out your operations as demand grows, extending functionality and workflow efficiency.

  • Leverage the latest Dalet Galaxy five features
  • Work anywhere with the same tools
  • Templated, full cloud deployment
  • Hybrid architecture options with on-premise gateway
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Selected use cases

Dalet Galaxy xCloud allows broadcasters and media organizations to ensure business continuity and drive remote workflows that focus on creative work, not on content logistics.

Field Reporter

Adriana covers economics and politics for a national broadcaster. Working from home, she uses Dalet OneCut with the Dalet Remote Editing framework to work on her stories, edit video, assemble packages with archives from the central newsroom, and submit the final package to the editor-in-chief.

News Director

Marisa is a news director at a leading broadcaster. She uses Dalet Galaxy xCloud to collaborate with her teams distributed in several cities, reviewing their packages from her desk at home. Saving time and optimizing resources, Marisa runs a modern, border-less newsroom.

Head of Technology

Kun is heading technology for a leading media organization. He selected Dalet Galaxy xCloud and its remote editing framework to give external contributors such as freelancers access to the main content hub resources from anywhere for a given period, without the need for VPN. A scalable and easy-to-deploy service, Dalet Galaxy xCloud propels remote workflows and eliminates security issues. Options for an on-premises gateway controlled from Dalet Galaxy xCloud allowed him to optimize network traffic with the cloud and enabled low latency operations including users accessing growing files.

"We have entered a new reality and working from home is the new normal. We have designed Dalet Galaxy xCloud to help our customers make a quantum leap forward with regards to mobility at work, remote productions and working with freelancers."

Raoul Cospen
Director Product Strategy, News

Enabling Remote Production Workflows

Discover how Dalet SaaS solutions bring media professionals seamless mobility and home-based production capabilities thanks to Dalet Galaxy xCloud.

Key features
  • Remain connected to the newsroom
  • Mix local and remote content
  • Work offline with cached content
  • Offload rendering

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