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Dalet Sports Factory

Dalet Sports Factory

A versatile production platform for sports

Dalet Sports Factory is a comprehensive, flexible solution for the management, production, and distribution of sports content. Based on Dalet’s powerful Media Asset Management (MAM) platform, the Dalet Sports Factory solution includes:
  • a multisport content catalogue
  • a workflow engine and back-office services that automate many different processes and tasks
  • integration tools that create a transparent workflow between Dalet & other broadcast, production & IT systems
  • and a number of specialized tools for sports production

Best of Show award at NAB

Dalet Sports Factory allows its customers to improve user workflows and processes so they can create, monetize, and distribute content easier and faster. The MAM layer adds significant value to the production chain, going well beyond a simple file-based workflow to provide:
  • A collaborative production environment where high-speed assembly and distribution are possible, even while recording
  • Automation tools and a business-oriented workflow engine that significantly increase workgroup productivity
  • Integration tools that break down barriers between production silos in order to streamline workflow and facilitate teamwork


Tools of the trade

Multiple sports management & One-click entry of structured metadataDalet Sports Factory also includes a range of tools that are fully integrated with the MAM platform to handle the acquisition, production, and distribution of sports content, including recording, sports logging, indexing, editing, publishing, performing digital media delivery, and archiving.
With specialized modules like Dalet Sports Logger and Dalet Hilites it’s easy to log plays and to create highlights and sequences that can be used for play recaps, post-game wraps and magazine shows. With Dalet Media Replay, you can create multi-camera instant replays with slow motion and reverse slow motion effects.




Interfaces with third-party systems unify the production environment

With powerful interface tools, such as Web Service APIs, configurable data, and xml file exchanges (Sports ML standards, MOS, etc.), Dalet Sports Factory can integrate easily with many different sports production components, such as third-party logging, editing, production and distribution systems that are widely used in the Sports industry.


Integrated archive adds value

Dalet MAM offers a broad range of features for front and back offices.Dalet Sports Factory brings your archived material directly into your production chain. You can quickly find and reuse the best shots and plays to create compelling content with Dalet’s smart and powerful search engine. It searches through all logs and metadata fields in the database — wherever the media are stored — so you can locate, preview, and retrieve clips, highlights and even the views from different ISO cameras with just a few clicks.

Information about different sports can be maintained in a single database. Content is easily referenced and linked for fast access to games, highlights, melts, projects, and more. Your rich media content can be reused independently on a full range of platforms — including the web, mobile services, program magazines, studio production, or newscasts.



Ideal for all types of sports & live events workflows

Dalet Sports Factory is a highly customizable solution that adapts to different workflows, including sports news, live event coverage, highlights, magazine shows, archiving, and distribution to traditional outlets, Internet, and mobile platforms.
Workflow examples include:
  • Clubs, federations, leagues, and teams that have rights to images and want to build a rich and accessible archive in order to better monetize content
  • Sports production and service companies that want to streamline production and better rationalize their resources
  • Broadcasters that want to speed up their studio and post-production workflows, increase capacity, and optimize the distribution of their owned and licensed content
  • Arenas and venues that wish to enhance the experience of fans and users


Key features

  • An open and flexible MAM that can meet the challenges of multiplatform sports production
  • Integration between Dalet and production islands—such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, EVS and Avid—optimizes the workflow
  • Simple-to-use business tools help manage production, post-production, and live event coverage
  • A powerful search engine tied directly to the integrated archive makes archived content more valuable, accessible, and useful
  • Back-office processes are automated; redundant tasks are eliminated
  • The end result is greater efficiency and increased productivity




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