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Dalet Radio Suite

Dalet Radio Suite

Ready for Convergence – On air, Online, On demand

Dalet Radio Suite is a production, playout and distribution system designed for radio operators who want to seize the opportunities of media convergence.

Built on the powerful Media Asset Management (MAM) platform of Dalet Galaxy, Dalet Radio Suite streamlines every aspect of the digital production chain for news and music channels, helping stations optimize their programming efforts for traditional over-the-air broadcasts as well as streaming, VOD, Podcasts, and other platforms.


Tools for News and Music with Automated Playout

Dalet Radio Suite’s centralized MAM content catalog seamlessly manages all programs and associated data. Combined with modular, task-specific tools, Dalet Radio Suite meets the comprehensive demands of large-scale newsrooms as well as the needs of multichannel music networks. Journalists have all the desktop tools they need to ingest audio, create scripts, record and edit audio, build and manage rundowns. DJ’s can exercise their creativity with easy-to-use playlists, multitrack editing, and Carts for jingles and liners. Remote voice tracking tools facilitate contributions by off-site talent.

Tools are also geared to today’s needs. Dalet OneCut is a new, advanced audio editor that smoothly includes effects and supports multiple HD formats. The Dalet Dashboard helps administrators by monitoring the ongoing health and performance of their system. And when it comes to playout, Dalet On-Air is a proven and highly reliable automated solution used in some of the world’s largest multichannel operations.


Automated New Media Publishing

Dalet OneCut audio editor can run as a standalone application or fully integrated in Dalet Radio SuiteThe Dalet integrated workflow engine adds tremendous value to the entire digital production and delivery chain by managing many tasks – reviews and approvals, versioning, check-in/check-out, searching, user rights, broadcast and content distribution. New media content repurposing and delivery can be accomplished very efficiently as the workflow engine automates many processes in the background to facilitate distribution – from on-the-fly delivery of Program Associated Data (PAD) for DAB, DRM or HD Radio to transcoding for Podcasts, online or mobile uses.

Large entertainment-based radio groups can also profit from the multi-user, multi-station, music scheduling engine with an automated store/forward platform. Dalet Radio Suite is ready for convergence.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrated MAM and workflow engine streamlines production
  • Centralized content catalog manages all programs and associated metadata
  • End-to-end comprehensive newsroom computer system with web access
  • Advanced scheduling including multi-user, multi-station music scheduling engine and store/forward distribution platform
  • Flexible, advanced recording and editing tools; OneCut editor smoothly includes effects and supports HD formats
  • ​Automated media distribution with associated PAD data for multiple formats, dynamic Podcasting, and multiplatform delivery



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