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Dalet News Suite

Dalet News Suite

MAM-Enabled News Production and Playout

Dalet News Suite is an advanced, end-to-end production and automation system for today’s multichannel newsrooms. It gives journalists intuitive tools forcreating compelling multimedia stories and newscasts right on their desktops.

The Dalet Media Asset Management (MAM) layer provides a powerful editorial and production workflow engine that streamlines every aspect of news production, delivery and archiving. It all comes together in a single, unified system. Highly flexible, scalable and reliable, Dalet News Suite is the system of choice for large-scale news operations.

                                   All aspects of the News production are covered thanks to the Dalet MAM at the core of the workflow

Integrated News Workflow

Newsroom staff and field editors have access to text and video tools from their desktop, a web client, or an iPad app, on site or remotely.

Produce, Playout, Publish
Dalet News Suite offers a new generation of news production software with a MAM-based platform and comprehensive newsroom computer system that includes fully integrated video production tools and playout control. The built-in tools are easy to use, giving journalists maximum control of their packages. Staff can monitor incoming feeds and edit in either native or proxy video (even while recording). They can combine text, video and voice-over functions, and also place CGs in the timeline – all from their desktops. Archives can also be integrated into production. Field reporters can access the same tools using Dalet WebSpace and an Internet connection. Advanced, dynamic rundown management and Dalet On-Air automation with secondary events ensure updated, reliable newscast playout. For large, multisite installations, there are many flexible tools for file and media exchanges and collaboration.

The MAM content catalogue, powerful search capability, workflow engine, and NRCS planning, production and delivery tools combine for an unmatched news production solution. Dalet News Suite is uniquely able to meet the demands of today’s multimedia newsrooms – immediacy, accessibility, collaboration and distribution.

Story-Centric Production

Dalet News Suite organizes news in a “story-centric” manner that greatly improves productivity and efficiency. This approach is particularly beneficial in broadcast newsrooms, which also create content for other outlets. The unique database model and MAM layer in Dalet News Suite track each media asset Dalet News Wheel's automation offers a wide range of functionalities, including automated playout of secondary events.through its entire life cycle; metadata is logged and updated throughout, adding value to the asset. This allows each story to be managed as a unit with all its associated elements – video, graphics, stills, URLs, text, status, metadata and output formats. This holistic, media-aware approach makes it far easier to manage the elements and to optimize and repurpose the content.

The MAM workflow engine further facilitates multiplatform publication by automating many background processes, including transcoding and delivery for VOD, Web, iPads, smartphones and other channels.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Editorial driven workflow and metadata management
  • Single unified system with full NRCS, desktop tools for video editing, voice-overs and CG insertions adds efficiencies
  • Centralized MAM with life-cycle media and metadata management adds value to assets and speeds repurposing
  • Workflow engine organizes human tasks and automates many background processes, such as transcoding and media movement
  • End-to-end solution for streamlined workflow – from ingest and production to automated playout with secondary events, new media distribution, and archiving
  • Workflow is editorial-driven and story-centric; eases multiplatform repurposing and delivery
  • Open standards for integrations, cost-effective IT infrastructure; highly scalable and reliable
  • Enterprise ready; flexible tools for file and media exchanges improve collaboration between multisite installations, improving overall productivity



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