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Dalet Media Life

Dalet Media Life

Media Asset Management and Workflow Solution for Program Preparation, Production, and Archiving 

Dalet Media Life is a versatile Media Asset Management (MAM) solution that is tailored to:

Based on the Dalet Galaxy platform, Dalet Media Life incorporates five key components to integrate and streamline digital media operations:

  1. A broadcast-specific Business Process Management workflow engine based on open technology
  2. A set of advanced production and media preparation tools for programs and promos
  3. A single and centralized content repository for multimedia content with comprehensive search and rights management capabilities
  4. A toolkit of native back office services for managing and manipulating media and metadata
  5. A library of connectors to third party systems including traffic, automation, transcoders, quality control, and non-linear editors

Dalet Media Life fosters collaboration

Simple desktop tools let authorized users search, access, and share content across departments and silos. They can log, index, edit rough-cuts, and create storyboards on any content from anywhere in just a few clicks.

Dalet Media Life improves efficiency

This versatile solution offers real value with gains in productivity, increased output, and optimal use of human and technical resources. Dalet Media Life propels file-based workflows into an efficient multimedia “factory” where repetitive tasks and background processes are fully automated.

The onboard task-list allows users to execute their jobs quickly and efficiently by always providing the right tools in the right context, be it for editorial purposes, such as the selection of content for distribution on a given outlet, or technical, such as manual quality control.

Dalet Media Life promotes agility

Editing metadata schemes, changing user rights, and creating workflows is easy to set up and administer while providing visibility to the outside world. Dalet Media Life unifies all of the separate islands of production, operations, and business—including traffic, craft editing, automation, distribution, and business reporting—in a cohesive, fluid, and agile environment that can easily adapt to our customers’ future needs.

Typical Usage Examples

Dalet Media Life for Program Management 

Dalet Media Life is designed to meet the rigorous requirements for content management, program preparation, and distribution. It is ideally suited for broadcasters, entertainment companies, thematic channels, and distribution networks.
Tools for acquisition, quality control, compliance editing, metadata, media, and essences handling are all available on Dalet workstationsDalet Media Life covers all the key parts of the workflow involving content preparation and distribution across multiple platforms. In order to achieve this, it offers a wide range of tools for acquisition, quality control (QC), compliance editing, reviews, subtitle management, post-production, metadata handling, file and essence management, logging, research, and many other collaborative functions, and all of this in a multilingual environment. Metadata import/export tools are also available for the automated publication of content to different platforms or to electronic program guides. 

An open BPM workflow engine that is specifically tailored to media workflows orchestrates both back-office processes and human tasks. By driving and monitoring back office services, such as transcoding, auto quality check, purge, conformation, and movement of media, Dalet Media Life minimizes the amount of work needed for day-to-day operations. Its task lists also save time and eliminate user errors for functions like acquisition, manual quality checks, and editorial validations, while enforcing user rights.

Dalet Media Life for the Production Asset Management

Dalet Media Life promotes collaborative editing workflows by opening up production silos. In fast-paced production environments, the set of Dalet Xtend modules seamlessly integrates Dalet Media Life with industry standard third party editing systems, like Adobe Premiere, Avid (workgroup or standalone), and Apple Final Cut Pro. Media and metadata are transparently and smoothly exchanged and preserved between Dalet Media Life and the edit bays of all types in order to promote inter-workgroup collaboration. Dalet Xtend hides all the technical complexity required for these exchanges from end users so that they can focus on editorial work and not tedious media manipulations and file transfers. Metadata preservation during the production process minimizes the risk of putting a rights protected video on the air by mistake.

Dalet Xtend is the tool that facilitates the exchange of media
and metadata to/from NLEs, including usage rights information

The “edit while record” function makes it possible to begin editing just seconds after a recording starts. All the advanced metadata, including the parent–child relationship, is maintained throughout the production cycle. This is especially important for managing subtitles, versions, and program rights.

Dalet Media Life for Archives 

In the context of managing archives and records, Dalet Media Life provides a solution that covers the primary functional areas:

  1. Capturing all types of multimedia content (images, videos, audio, documents, etc.) as well as metadata—across all the connected, heterogeneous systems, such as traffic, automation, and business systems
  2. Powerful exchange tools and services to leverage legacy databases and content from Dalet Media Life
  3. Access to content and metadata with the ability to index, log, search, browse, and preview content from Dalet Web clients. This extended reach improves collaboration and provides fast and easy access to all content, including archived material, to all production units and departments that may need the clips

With Dalet Web Space, users can access many Dalet tools via a simple Internet connection.With Dalet Web Space, users can access many Dalet tools via a simple Internet connection. Searching, browsing, and previewing clips are a few examples.
In the archive business, tools to manipulate metadata are key. Dalet Media Life supports unlimited structured metadata sets that are contextual and easily configurable, allowing each type of content to be catalogued with a specific data model. Media files, like audio or video, can also be logged at the timecode. The use of a thesaurus lets librarians remove any ambiguity while manually cataloguing content. Content can also be logged automatically through the use file-based analysis tools, such as speech to text.
Different types of files can be stored on different tiers of storage (archive and production), maximizing your existing IT infrastructure. All the processes for file retrieval and archiving are transparent to the end users. All assets can have several resolutions attached, such as proxies, high files, SD and HD, etc.
Intuitive search tools leveraging facets, search suggestions, phonetic search, and other modern capabilities are easily accessible, allowing all users to find the assets they are looking for.
Dalet Media Life acts as an umbrella over all the departments, silos, legacy solutions, and databases of media facilities in order to leverage and monetize their media assets.

A Business Approach

Dalet has developed Dalet Media Life on top of open IT standards like XML, SOAP, and BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), while relying on a framework compliant with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles. Thanks to its “n-tier” architecture, the solution is modular, scalable, and highly available, while user-friendly configuration tools make it flexible and agile.
Dalet Media is a future-proof solution, as it goes further than simply answering customers’ immediate needs, such as producing broadcasts. For instance, Media Life can address deployments for multi-site facilities; it also pioneers deployments in the cloud and provides operational and business visibility regarding media manipulation and workflow execution.

Benefits of Dalet Media Life

  • Improved collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in content creation teams
  • Rationalized workflows for technical tasks as well as user interactions
  • Ability to adapt quickly to new business, work, or technological changes
  • Empower end users to focus on editorial and creative work rather than repetitive technical tasks 

Functional Benefits

  • Adapts to different workflows and changing requirements
  • Empowers customers via advanced administrative and configuration tools
  • Complete set of connectors to integrate the MAM within the rest of the IT and broadcast infrastructures
  • Smooth, fluid integrations with post-production tools, such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe Premiere Pro 

Business Benefits

  • Technology leadership. Dalet has more than 60 technical partners around the world, enabling our customers to build a best-of-breed solution
  • Customized enterprise-level architecture
  • Dalet trainers and consultants understand media workflows and technology and can help facilitate change management and project deployment
  • An expert team of broadcast and IT professionals provides a full range of services




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