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Dalet Brio3

Dalet Brio3

Dalet Brio3 is the new generation of Dalet video servers, based on the successful Dalet Brio platform. Relying on commodity IT hardware, this high-density video server comes on a 2 RU chassis and offers ingest, playout, streaming and graphics capabilities on a single resilient platform.

With features such as confidence monitoring, streaming multi-viewer for monitoring, media backup, loop recording mode, ingest-once-write-many and proxy generation, Dalet Brio3 lets operators optimize the overall workflow and infrastructure.


Ingest and playout broadcast quality video in SD & HD

Dalet Brio comes on a 2 RU chassis and offers ingest, playout, streaming and graphics capabilities

Designed to ingest and playout broadcast quality video in SD, HD and UHD formats, Dalet Brio3  seamlessly integrates with Dalet Solutions to provide a highly flexible and scalable end-to-end system.

Extended processing capabilities

Dalet Brio3 takes full benefit of the latest IT technologies to extend its processing capabilities. It now comes with more input / output options and delivers more bandwidth than ever before, even with high demanding formats such as AVC-Intra or Sony SRMaster (SStP). 

Wide codec support

Dalet Brio3 supports a very wide range of software codecs. In order to ensure maximum interoperability, industry standard wrappers such as MXF or MOV and AVI are supported, enabling seamless workflow integration with third party NLEs and Dalet production tools. Dalet Brio3 supports DV-based Codecs, AVCi, AVC LongG HD, Sony XAVC-Intra and Long GOP HD Playout Support, most of the MPEG2 family including intra and long-GOP (IMX and XDcam HD), H264 and even proprietary codecs such as ProRes, DNxHD and Sony SRMaster (SStP). All formats can be played out back-to-back seamlessly, with up- and down-conversion when required.

Innovative system architecture

Dalet Brio can work either with its own local storage, directly attached to a SAN, in a hybrid configuration or to Amazon S3 and S3 compatible storages. Units can be added with ease to an existing Dalet solution, so you can size your infrastructure for your immediate purpose, while ensuring future scalability, whether it’s massive ingest for a MAM project or news playout for your newsroom upgrade.

Third-Party Support

Dalet Brio can be part of Dalet Galaxy Architecture for Ingest and Playout but can also fit into third-party MAM, NRCS and Playout control systems with VDCP and BVW protocol. With Brio supporting FIMS standards, Adobe Premiere can control Dalet Brio for ingest as a plugin as well as Ingest to AVID Interplay/ISIS and Apple FCP X. 

Advanced tools for studio production

Dalet Brio3 boasts the latest version of Dalet MultiCam Manager, a tool designed to ingest multi-camera feeds. Other featured application include VTR Recorder, Print-to-Tape, Basic and Loop Recorder, Basic and time Delay Player, Multichannel Player with graphics, and Highlights production, making Dalet Brio3 an ideal workflow solution for fast-paced, task-specific productions like news, sports, programs, production and more.


Product highlights

Key features Key benefits
  • Ingest and playout of multiple and mixed formats
  • Wide choice of inputs and outputs (up to 12 simultaneous channels)
  • Supports SD and HD, or a combination of both
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • Real time render engine
  • Key and fill outputs
  • Internal keyer
  • Streaming
  • Wide codec support
  • Storage combination (local and/or direct connection to SAN)
  • High-density solution including hardware and software
  • Embedded graphic engine for increased cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility allowing fast-paced production in all kind of environments (news, sports, programs, and more)
  • Scalability ensures future-proof operations
  • Reliability thanks to a proven architecture
  • Web Administration Portal to configure and monitor Dalet Brio servers

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