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Dalet AmberFin Play

Dalet AmberFin Play

Dalet AmberFin Play enables users to instantly review shared assets at any point in the workflow, eliminating the need to transfer assets off shared storage or transcode to an alternative playback format.

Elevated trust and confidence is possible due to the monitoring of all media properties through a single interface with high quality, frame accurate, HD-SDI playback, full Closed Captions and Ancillary Data support and flexible audio monitoring.

Playback of all popular file formats

Dalet AmberFin play is able to decode all of today’s popular codecs – from MPEG2 to JPEG2000 and many in between, add to that an extensive list of supported file containers including AS-11 specific shims. All formats are decoded to SDI frame accurately including ancillary data such as captions and timecode. For the list of all supported file formats, click here.

Tools for productivity

Embedded tools and plug-ins for metadata entry and review, mark-up annotation, editing and segmentation increase operator efficiency while implementation of web services or serial control (VDCP or BVW) allows for easy integration of control panels and automation tools.

Reliably play HD/SD directly from NAS and SAN

By offering solid reliability on almost any network-attached storage (NAS) or SAN system, with no dropped frames, Dalet AmberFin Play allows for time saving in copying files and cost-effectiveness through storage space optimization.

Natively integrated to all Dalet AmberFin products

Thanks to the architecture of the Dalet AmberFin platform, Dalet AmberFin Play can become the command centre in complex workflows – Dalet AmberFin Play can be used to review and mark-up growing files from Dalet AmberFin Ingest and send transcode jobs to Dalet AmberFin Dark.

Dalet AmberFin Play can easily be automated using widely supported Broadcast and IT protocols such as VDCP and Web Services while the intuitive and customizable user interface guarantees effortless operations.

Unified quality control

Dalet’s Unified QC allows it’s customers to integrate with the leading QC tools. With the QC events displayed in the Dalet AmberFin Play timeline, this unique combination of automatic and operator tools delivers the most advanced QC workflow available today.

Dalet’s Unified Quality Control and Review options provide a quick, cost-effective and efficient way of maintaining quality in your files.

Learn more about Dalet Unified Quality Control


Product Highlights

Key features Key benefits
  • Full CC and Ancillary Data support
  • Harmonized, automated and manual
  • QC review
  • Simple editing and segmentation
  • Metadata entry, validation and review
  • Flexible audio monitoring including audio scrub
  • GUI, edit controller, VTR, or automation control
  • Trust your content with professional HD-SDI monitoring
  • Monitor all media properties (video, audio, data) through a single interface
  • Combine QC review and metadata entry through a purpose-built GUI
  • Instantly review shared assets at any point in the workflow – no need to transcode or transfer
  • Maximise the efficiency of your chosen AQC system

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