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Dalet AmberFin Ingest

Dalet AmberFin Ingest

Whether you are ingesting for archive or directly to shared storage for production and playout, Dalet AmberFin Ingest enables the best possible ingest of tape or file-based assets thanks to its picture quality technology.

Dalet AmberFin Ingest encodes directly to the most common formats used within the film, broadcast and Internet industries, at the highest-possible levels of quality.

Import all popular media file formats

Dalet AmberFin Ingest manages high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) and can import all file formats as well as read XDCAM and P2 SD/HD disks and memory cartridges. Thanks to multi-format proxies generation in real-time during ingest, media assets and associated metadata are quickly and easily brought into the production workflow and can be accessed from the Dalet Content Catalog for immediate use, even while recording. Frame-accurate proxies can be marked with burnt-in time code and contain time code tracks to help lower production costs in large work group environments.

Exceptional image quality

Ultra high-quality codecs maintain the value of the original material and with Any-Mez codec support; the most effective mezzanine video format can be deployed. Dalet AmberFin Ingest mezzanine formats include JPEG 2000, Pro-Res, DNx, AVC-Intra and XDCAM HD.

Reliably ingest HD/SD directly to NAS and SAN

By offering solid reliability on almost any network-attached storage (NAS) or SAN system, with no dropped frames, Dalet AmberFin Ingest allows for time saving in copying files and cost-effectiveness through storage space optimization.

Automated ingest capabilities

Dalet AmberFin Ingest can easily be automated using widely supported Broadcast and IT protocols such as VDCP and Web Services while the intuitive and customizable user interface guarantees effortless operations.

Automated quality control during ingest

Dalet Unified Quality Control and Review options provide a quick, cost-effective and efficient way of maintaining quality in your transcoded files.

Learn more about Dalet Unified Quality Control


Product highlights

Key features Key benefits
  • Import all common media file formats
  • Reliably ingest directly to NAS and SAN
  • Automated proxy generation and integration with asset management systems
  • Automated ingest capabilities
  • Automated quality control option during ingest
  • VTR emulation mode
  • Encode multiple versions of a master in one go
  • Save satellite feeds direct to disk storage
  • Encode in wrappers suited to your NLE equipment
  • HD/SD up, down and cross conversion 
  • Easily integrates within existing environments thanks to interoperability with third-party systems such as servers, encoders and NLEs
  • Immediate access to media and metadata allows for time saving and increased efficiency
  • Competitive edge through true-to-source picture quality and unique slim-file technologies

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