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Product overview

Product overview

Enterprise Media Asset Management for Multipurpose workflows

Dalet modules cover a wide range of functionalities, from ingest and production to playout, and more.

Dalet modules cover a wide range of functionalities, from ingest and production to playout, and more.

A highly customizable Media Asset Management (MAM) platform, Dalet Enterprise Edition enables broadcasters and content producers to integrate multiple workflows and formats – news, sports, programs, VOD, archives in SD and HD – under one fluid system. Built-in production tools manage ingest, logging, production, distribution and archiving across systems and workgroups.

A platform open for complex integrations

The unique distributed architecture ensures scalability and redundancy

The unique distributed architecture ensures scalability and redundancy

A comprehensive Web Services API that meets the principles of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) provides point of access integration to interface 3rd-party systems. With full integration, media is made ubiquitous whilst metadata is expertly tracked across the entire production chain.

Its ability to supervise and produce various media types in addition to its rich set of functions make Dalet Enterprise Edition the ideal platform to help broadcasters entering the world of convergence.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize your ROI: a real workflow engine that optimizes user tasks and connect users for a better collaboration
  • Improve the use of your assets: Dalet Enterprise provides a wide range of tools such as customizable contextual metadata schemas and a powerful search engine to better share, use and repurpose your content
  • An open system: The Dalet Enterprise Edition unique SOA framework enhance system integration and interoperability and optimize the use of your broadcasts and non broadcast systems
  • Enterprise design: its robust and well proven platform provides enterprise class scalability, resilience, and flexibility

Key Features

  • Unique mix of Media Asset Management and buit-in multimedia production tools
  • Workflow engine that offers business intelligence
  • Fully transparent media operations, such as conversions and transfers
  • Comprehensive Web Services API for easy integrations
  • Support for wide range of systems and technologies
  • Enterprise Multimedia Search Engine
  • Multiplatform and multi-site support
  • Distributed media engines and back office


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