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Quantum Corporation

Quantum Corporation

Company Summary

Quantum StorNext is the leading shared storage and data management solution for the media and entertainment industry world-wide. Quantum has strategic relationships with a wide range of partners to implement highly specialized and cost effective video post-production solutions. Used in many of the world’s most demanding broadcast and post-production workflows, StorNext delivers scalable, high-performance file sharing across Linux, Mac, Unix, and Windows operating systems and cost-effectively manages, archives, and protects the most demanding media and entertainment production storage environments. StorNext software and appliances provide the power to centralize content, enable faster sharing across applications, and build effective digital archives for long-term storage and data protection.


Dalet Partnership

Dalet’s solutions rely on high performance, high availability storage. Quantum StorNext is a cornerstone of this quick, resilient environment. Quantum—the leading global storage company specializing in backup, recovery and archive—is partnering with Dalet to deliver multi-tier broadcast storage archives, automatically moving data between different disk and tape resources to create high performance, scalable storage systems and reduce cost. StorNext creates shared pools of data so critical broadcast files can be processed faster. With StorNext, files are directly and easily accessible to all hosts without having to pass files over slow network connections. The combination of Quantum StorNext and Dalet Digital Media Systems enables broadcasters to connect archive storage to production storage and deliver digital workflow. The joint, complimentary solution provides transparent access to a tiered storage system where customers get almost unlimited storage capacity—highly cost-effectively. Better still, the user’s workflow, or even the existing infrastructure does not have to be changed. Access to archived resources is non-disruptive” because StorNext automates and hides the data movement. The result is quicker restores and faster time-to-air for broadcast material, improved efficiency and reduced cost. Moreover, the StorNext-Dalet proven solution accelerates processing, helps broadcasters finish projects faster, and make it easier to re-use assets.

Dalet is a Quantum Advantage partner.

Dalet and Quantum Leading Solutions for Sports Networks

Quantum’s StorNext high-performance storage infrastructure and Dalet’s end-to-end production, management, and distribution platform are seamlessly integrated to provide a complete solution to help you make the most of your content—easily and efficiently.

Learn more in the joint-solution brief.



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