Dalet Onecut

A multimedia editor designed for convergence

Whether you edit News, Sports, or promos, Dalet Onecut is a versatile audio, video and multimedia editor, designed for independent editing of content for Radio, TV, Internet, and Web/Mobile.
It has an intuitive user interface that is accessible to users who are novices with little training as well as expert editors. Dalet Onecut is typically used in fast turnaround production environments such as:

  • News and Sports production
  • MAM and compliance editing
  • Promo production
  • Radio editing
  • Logging

Designed for fast and collaborative editing

Dalet Onecut is available to users in three modes:

  1. a fully standalone mode
  2. connected mode allows users to have access to a Dalet content catalogue (MAM). This mode allows users to easily download content locally that comes from the Dalet content catalogue.
  3. a fully integrated mode where Dalet Onecut works within the MAM framework
For optimized efficiency, Dalet Onecut supports edit while recording. When working in connected or integrated modes, the editor functions in a truly collaborative environment. Users can share edits, EDLs and clipbins and share their contributions in a more organized and shared way. In this case, editing can be done on proxy, with media operations such as rendering and conformation performed by the MAM back-office media servers. Users can focus more on creative tasks and not waste time with technical tasks.
Other functions including the ability to save finished work into placeholder also foster collaboration between editorial teams and the content producers.

Designed for usability and accessibility

The philosophy of Dalet Onecut is to enable any broadcast professional to create quality content even if he is not a fully trained video editor. With Dalet Onecut, it doesn’t take much expertise to produce broadcast-grade packages!

Defined workspaces allow users to concentrate only on the essential functions and features they need to accomplish their tasks in a fast-paced production environment — productivity-enhancing functions like easy voiceover recording or compliance editing. The advanced management of workspaces can be tailored to match a user’s skillset or the specific tasks to be done.
Dalet Onecut radio workspaceDalet Onecut radio workspace

By default, Dalet Onecut comes with four workspaces:
  • a simple workspace with the minimum set of functions for users who have very little experience in video editing
  • an advanced workspace with the complete set of functionalities, menus and buttons for more advanced users
  • a radio workspace for audio editing only (no video tracks)
  • a workspace focused on logging
It is also possible to create custom layouts for specific uses and specific workflow needs such as audio dubbing, video trimming, audio track manipulation, voiceover recording or compliance review, etc.

Designed for metadata continuity

Advanced logging is available directly in Dalet Onecut. Users can add locators with fully customizable data models. Locators can be descriptive or can contain QC or TX information or valuable information such as broadcast rights. But importantly, those locators are maintained throughout the editing process thanks to genealogy management.

Key Features

  • Powerful workspace customization 
  • Multimedia editing (audio, video, digital platforms)
  • Native integration with Dalet MAM platform
  • Collaborative editing and fast-paced production
  • Includes many productivity features

Upcoming Events

Date: Aug 25 - 27, 2014
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Javits Convention Center, New York
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"Crocus Expo", pavilion 2, hall # 8, Moscow, Russia

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