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Dalet Xtend

Dalet Xtend

Break down production silos

Dalet Xtend brings NLE editors directly into the production workflow.Dalet Xtend is a key module bringing NLEs editors directly into the production workflow for better team collaboration and increased efficiency. It creates a smooth and unified workflow where Media Asset Management and NLEs are interconnected to enable users to work together, on the same content. Xtend offers seamless exchanges of videos, shot lists, EDLs between systems and exceptional metadata handling, including bi-directional inheritance of rights information and genealogy to eliminate repetitive data entries. Thanks to metadata preservation, content is better referenced throughout, making searches of the content catalogue and archives more efficient, thus facilitating production and multiplatform distribution.


Dalet Xtend is available with industry-standard NLEs including Avid Media Composer®, Adobe Premiere® and Apple Final Cut Pro®.


Unique features for streamlined workflows

From a Dalet workstation, users connect to the database to view available content and retrieve the files they need. Intuitive editing tools allow them to edit proxies and place items in the clip bin. By doing a simple drag & drop, users push material directly to NLEs for finishing. In the background, Xtend automatically exports the project and all its components, including QC or descriptive locators, time codes and any other metadata.
From a NLE workstation, editors fine-tune the project in proxy or high-resolution format. To enhance efficiency in fast-paced production environments, Dalet Xtend offers an “edit while record” feature as well as two save options. Finished work is saved as a completely new title or against a placeholder that can be found directly in a running order or a playlist. To further streamline workflows, when saving a finished work, Dalet Xtend can also trigger automatic workflow operations such as notification to a chief editor for editorial review, web publishing, transfer to the video server for immediate play out and more.

Key features

Key benefits

  • All Dalet users and NLEs editors have access to the same content (EDLs, shot lists, audio bytes, raw videos)
  • Metadata are exchanged in both directions
  • Edit in place directly on the production storage (no need to copy media files)
  • Proxy editing or high resolution editing
  • Edit while record
  • Metadata continuity, no loss of metadata
  • Genealogy, Parent/child asset relationship
  • Save against a placeholder
  • Workflow integration with NLEs editors being able to trigger workflows
  • Format agnostic
  • Runs with open IT storage
  • Breaking down silos: brings NLEs editors directly into the production workflow for better team collaboration and increased efficiency
  • Eliminate the need to re-enter metadata. Keep track of broadcast rights, restrictions and automatic metadata inheritance
  • Provides a cohesive workflow that eliminates repetitive tasks and allows editors to concentrate on the creative aspects of their work
  • Increase collaboration: NLEs editors and Dalet users are truly collaborating on the same content for faster turnaround
  • More efficiency: Editing while record allows for fast turnaround production
  • More productivity: editors can focus on their editing tasks while Dalet users can select the right shots for the editing
  • Optimizing the infrastructure: benefit from the distinct advantages of edit in place / leverage IT production storage in one system


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