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Dalet WebSpace

Dalet WebSpace

Dalet WebSpace is a web client allowing authorized users to connect with the Dalet Content Catalog, share assets and access Dalet toolsets via a standard web browser. Dalet WebSpace is easy to deploy, as no installation is required. Dalet WebSpace allows the creation of workspaces based on user profiles. Complementary to Dalet On-The-Go, Dalet WebSpace improves productivity by speeding up production while enhancing collaboration.


Connect to your production tools from anywhere

  • Browse, search and index content
  • Preview, select and edit in proxy resolution
  • Edit Scripts
  • Manage rundowns
  • Upload and download high resolution content
  • Edit tasks lists and create assignments
  • Review and approve content
  • Publish to web platforms
  • Monitor workflows and processes


Remotely contribute to news

Field reporters remotely view their assignments and start completing their tasks. They retrieve the files they need from the database, including archived items, and/or upload fresh content. Intuitive editing tools such as Dalet OneCut allow them to edit proxies and place items in the clip bin. In the heat of a busy production cycle the ‘edit while recording’ capability is a real added value. Thanks to the fully integrated Dalet NRCS, they build packages and file contributions.



From a web browser, archivists access the database. They search, browse, upload new content to be archived and add metadata thanks to Thesauri and glossaries.


Make content available anywhere, anytime

Every piece of content is indexed and made available to everyone across the organization, whether locally or remotely. Multi-site production workflows are streamlined thanks to efficient content and resources sharing. Dalet WebSpace offers content producers the ability to easily share content with their customers who can preview and upload files depending on their user rights.


Key features

Key benefits

  • Security access to the Dalet Content Catalogue
  • Efficient content sharing locally and remotely
  • Immediate access to Dalet toolsets
  • Fully integrated NRCS
  • Frame accurate streaming while record
  • Suites for News, Sports, Program, Radio, production and archives workflows
  • No installation required, all web based
  • Fully integrated with third-party web based systems including NLEs


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