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Dalet Search

Dalet Search

Achieve first-class asset performance with Dalet Search and Browse tools

Based on the popular open source enterprise search platform Solr, Dalet Search module combines full-text, hit highlighting, faceted search capabilities and more. This powerful tool helps you optimize your workflow with fast, accurate and multi-language searches of all your content, including archived media.


Flexible index design

Dalet Search module is highly configurable. Administrators consistently define all needed index and search fields. Pre-configured typical search profiles can be set up based on users or user groups.


Wide array of search options

To add flexibility, users also have the possibility to save their own pre-configured search profiles. They can also conduct searches using one or several combined data fields and take advantage of synonyms to widen results. Using full-text search capabilities, they search within a story title, a comment on a locator, within a text and more. Case or accent are disregarded during the search process but can be used to sort results.
Highlighted results help user quickly select the content they need. Results display all type of media including video, audio, images, stories, texts, etc.


Content access

Dalet content catalogue is accessible through:

  • A Dalet client
  • A standard web browser via Dalet’s web client Webspace
  • Third-party systems


Restrictions are usually defined by third-party DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems and imported as metadata into the content catalogue. These restrictions can include dates and times and even time-coded annotations, which allocate restricted segments within media assets. Restricted media are clearly identified in the browser.


Key features

  • Full-text search

  • Hit highlighting

  • Powerful multi criteria search

  • Synonym search

  • Pre-configured typical search per user or user group


Key benefits

  • Faster and more accurate searches

  • Open technology enabling searches through third-party systems

  • Multi-language support

  • Endless flexibility in the design of indexation schemes


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