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Dalet MultiCam Manager

Dalet MultiCam Manager

Dalet MultiCam Manager is a software application designed to ingest multi-camera feeds during live events, including live OB and major sports event production, or pre-recorded shows. Combined with Dalet Brio servers, Dalet MultiCam Manager offers broadcasters the perfect toolbox for controlling multiple recording feeds, instant review and media transfer to post-production, all within a single interface.


Ingest control

Dalet MultiCam Manager is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn tool, allowing broadcasters to control an unlimited number of cameras during recording and giving them direct control over the recording process with an exceptional level of integration with post-production. From one single interface, you can control and organize any recording (start/stop), trigger backup transfers and monitor the jobs using live streams.


Maximum interoperability

Dalet MultiCam Manager ingests high-quality video in SD and HD (including AVCIntra, DNxHD, ProRes and XDCAM HD) formats and offers extensive codecs support in order to ensure maximum interoperability with third party NLEs and Dalet production tools.


Expandable technology

You can control up to 12 simultaneous channels using a single Dalet Brio server. But if you need more, simply add additional Dalet Brio servers to meet your requirements and control them using a single Dalet MultiCam Manager interface.


Key features

Key benefits

  • Multiple camera ingest
  • MultiCam Instant review from the user interface
  • SDI-based Instant review
  • Clip transfer and streaming to craft editor and storage
  • Live storage capacity monitoring
  • Transfer to external drive during ingest
  • Network bandwidth control
  • Enhanced productivity through a single interface managing all multi-camera ingests
  • Streamlines workflows through extensive interoperability with NLEs and production tools
  • Wide format and codecs support add flexibility
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Running on standard IT hardware


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