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Dalet Ingest

Dalet Ingest

Simple Tools for Complex Tasks

Ingest any source and any format, including tapes, P2 and XDCAMDalet Galaxy offers a wide set of ingest modules to import content from various sources and formats. Whether SDI based or file based, all content is ingested, indexed and made immediately available, even before the end of the ingest process.


Manual Acquisition

Dalet Galaxy allows operators to manually manage the acquisition of live feeds, VTR tapes, Panasonic P2 memory cards and Sony XDCAM optical disks. By controlling the necessary hardware, Dalet Ingest streamlines the ingest process while decreasing risks of human mistakes. During or after the acquisition, ingest operators review and add metadata such as locators and start QC processes.


Automatic Acquisition

Dalet Galaxy provides a powerful scheduling tool for automatic ingest. The sleek interface allows operators to view all recordings along with their status. Ingest ports availability and potential conflicts are automatically displayed. Dalet Galaxy controls major routers and video server ingest ports, automatically starts recording, triggers QC and creates proxy files to enable preview and editing even while recording.


Loop Recording Capacities

For sources needed to be constantly recorded, such as studio or satellite feeds, Dalet Galaxy offers a FiFo feature that automatically records the latest file over the oldest one depending on a set of configurable rules.


Dalet Brio, a Cost-Effective Package

Designed to ingest and play multiple and mixed formats including, AVC Intra, XDCAMHD, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD™, Dalet Brio is a cost-effective platform built on IT standard components and delivered in a compact 2RU chassis with a choice of inputs and outputs (up to 12 simultaneous channels) and storage combinations (local and/or direct connection to SAN).

Key features

Key benefits

  • Intuitive interface for scheduling and crash recording
  • Ingests any source and any format, including tapes, P2 and XDCAM
  • Manual and automatic QC processes
  • Metadata enrichment (indexing, locators, etc.)
  • Record against a placeholder
  • Devices control (video servers, routers, VTRs)
  • Content availability just few seconds upon ingest start
  • Optimized costs thanks to a centralized and IT-based ingest
  • Emphasized collaborative work
  • Content reliability through QC


Broadcast India 2017
Date: Oct 12 - 14, 2017
Bombay Exhibition Center, India
NAB NYC 2017
Date: Oct 18 - 19, 2017
New York, USA
SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition
Date: Oct 23 - 26, 2017
Hollywood, USA
NATEXPO Moscow 2017
Date: Oct 25 - 27, 2017
Moscow, Russia
CAPER Buenos Aires 2017
Date: Oct 25 - 27, 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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