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Dalet Galaxy

Dalet Galaxy

Enterprise Media Asset Management Platform

Dalet Galaxy is an enterprise Media Asset Management platform which unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems. Specially tailored for media workflows, this unique technology platform helps broadcasters and media professionals to increase productivity while providing operational and business visibility.


A Focus on 6 Key Workflows

Dalet Galaxy is the common and unique platform to address all Dalet workflow solutions for News, Sports, Program Preparation, Radio, long-form Production and Archives. Highly flexible, scalable and reliable, it incorporates five key components:

  • A centralized multimedia content catalogue
  • Back-office media and metadata services
  • A BPM workflow engine to orchestrate workflows
  • An unprecedented Third-Party integration framework thanks to an Open IT Architecture
  • Administration and security tools.

A centralized multimedia content catalogue

At the core is a unique central content catalogue that stores all kind of multimedia content (images, videos, audios, rundowns, metadata, graphic objects, etc.). Customized and contextual metadata forms for cataloguing, as well as indexation tools including glossaries and thesauri ensure that content is better referenced, making searches of the content catalogue and archives more efficient. All assets and metadata, including archived items, are immediately available for fast production and multiplatform distribution.


Back-office media and metadata services

Dalet Galaxy minimizes the amount of work needed for day-to-day operations by providing a wide range of back-office services such as media services (transcoding, auto quality control, purge and conformation) and metadata services. Exceptional metadata handling across systems, including bi-directional inheritance of rights information, genealogy and descriptive locators eliminate repetitive data entries and facilitate collaboration. Thanks to intelligent tools, Dalet Galaxy expertly manages data exchange and allows for better collaboration between multisite organizations.


A BPM workflow engine to orchestrate workflows

The workflow engine automates both back-office and user tasks. On the back-office side, it enables administrators to graphically model workflows. On the user side, it streamlines user workflow by providing intuitive tasks lists that drive them in their every day operations while managers access a wide range of business and technical reports.

Click here for more details on Dalet Workflow Engine


A third-party integration framework thanks to Open IT Architecture

Developed from the ground up to meet the needs of the broadcast and media industries, Dalet Galaxy is an open MAM platform that boasts integration and support for more than 100 broadcast and IT partners. These development initiatives deliver deeper integration and complete interoperability with traffic, NRCS, NLEs and production systems, broadcast servers, HSM, storage solutions, Quality Control, automation as well as CMS platforms.

Find a list of partners here.

Administration and security tools

The Dalet Galaxy platform has been designed for system security and high availability. Thanks to comprehensive management and analysis tools, operators and administrators centrally manage all aspect of the systems, such as metadata sets and user rights. Tools such as Dashboard also help to monitor and manage the performance of Dalet solutions and third-party systems across the entire workflow.  


From Dalet Galaxy to Dalet End-to-End Solutions

By incorporating fully integrated and easy-to-use tools into this robust Media Asset Management platform, Dalet delivers end-to-end and tailored solutions for:

Product Highlights

Key Features

  • A wide range of easy-to-use user tools to perform daily operations
  • BPM workflow engine to rule workflows and improve business visibility
  • Centralized content catalogue with powerful indexing and search tools
  • Contextual “To do” lists to prioritize tasks
  • Media services to add speed and flexibility
  • Automated back-office tasks such as transcoding, data exchange, QC and more
  • Designer tool to graphically model workflows, identify bottlenecks and streamline production
  • Real-time data for business reporting
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • Multisite capabilities

Key Benefits

  • A unique technology platform to drive production and distribution in a truly unified environment
  • Open solution integrating with more than 100 IT & broadcast partners
  • Centralized administration and system management
  • Designed for media convergence
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency through tasks lists and automated processes
  • Improved agility to react to industry and competitive shifts
  • Scalable, secured and reliable infrastructure
  • Can be virtualized and take advantage of some cloud infrastructure
  • Built for fast turnaround workflows



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