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Dalet API

Dalet API

For smooth third-party integrations

As a Dalet Galaxy module, Dalet built-in SOA compliant Web Services Application Programming Interface provides a high level of interoperability to straightforward integration with third-party broadcast and corporate systems and applications.

Designed with Dalet vision in mind to offer a comprehensive, open and scalable Media Asset Management solution tailored to any type of workflow, Dalet API enables easy and seamless integration within existing environments and infrastructures. Backed to intuitive back-office services, a powerful BPM workflow engine and a wide range of features, Dalet API is a key contribution in making Dalet Galaxy an enterprise class platform.


A wide range of functionalities

Entirely based on the principles of SOA, Dalet API is presented in a set of high-level services, ranging from Asset, Media, Metadata and Search to more advanced services such as notifications, configuration, access rights and many more. This new organization exposes a large set of high-level functionalities, allowing developers to easily build any required workflow. Dalet API also provides a high security level, based on WS-Security standards.


Acclaimed by developers

In order to assist the numerous developers making use of the Dalet API, it includes a comprehensive documentation to help them clearly understand the API capabilities and assist them in developing their own code.


High system performance at all times

Dalet API comes bundled with an intelligent dashboard for monitoring API usage per service, with type and number of call and associated response times. This will allow engineers and system architects to easily anticipate bottlenecks, scale the infrastructure accordingly and optimize third-party systems exploitation without impacting Dalet Galaxy performances.


Key features

Key benefits

  • Well structured in packaged services
  • Wide set of functionalities for seamless integration with third-party systems
  • SOA compliant
  • High security level
  • Fast and high volume calls
  • Comprehensive documentation for easy integration
  • Simplified and seamless integration
  • Enhanced visibility on potential bottlenecks and systems shortages


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