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Dalet On-Air

Dalet On-Air

Improved flexibility and reliability in playout studios

Dalet On-Air module operates both in live and automated modes and broadcasts in HD and/or SD formats. Ideally suited for studio production and news playout, it offers an intuitive and configurable user interface displaying key information as well as necessary tools for last minute modifications. To further enhance flexibility, Dalet On-Air combines a playlist and a cart playout tool.
Dalet On-Air smoothes workflows by controlling broadcast devices such as video servers, graphic systems, character generators, still stores, routers, logo inserters, tickers and more and by seamlessly integrating with third-party traffic and NRCS systems.
Dalet On-Air provides maximum on-air reliability thanks to a redundant architecture and to efficient monitoring and disaster recovery tools. 


Dalet On-Air for a lively broadcast

Highly scalable and configurable, Dalet On-Air offers back-to-back playout on a single port or a rolling mode on many ports running a playlist and/or a cart player. Great features such as manual or auto cueing, random broadcast of any item, and bi-directional updates between playlists and rundowns provide the flexibility needed in live broadcast and allows for last minute contribution from the newsroom.


Sleep tight with Dalet On-Air

Thanks to its automated mode, Dalet On-Air offers a complete solution for 24x7 channels and operates multiple channels from a single workstation.
Based on a redundant architecture, Dalet On-Air provides several tools to make sure every single point of failure is removed. Multiple instances capabilities ensure that clients and servers are always accessible for a secured broadcast. A backup playout system can be plugged in based on Dalet Brio and Dalet Media Navigator, offering a complete disaster recovery solution.

Dalet Brio and Dalet Media Navigator

Key features

Key benefits

  • Live and automated modes
  • Playlist and cart players tools
  • Bi-directional last minute updates
  • CG on the timeline for automatic triggering of graphics during playout
  • Playout while the file is still being uploaded
  • Reliability thanks to a redundant, modular and proven architecture
  • Flexibility allowing last minute modifications
  • Seamless integration to newsroom and third-party traffic systems
  • Scalability – additional on-air workstations can be added without system turn-off


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Date: Feb 19 - 23, 2018
Palm Desert, USA
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Excel London
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Date: Mar 05 - 08, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Las Vegas, USA
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Las Vegas, USA

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