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Dalet Social Media Framework

Dalet Social Media Framework

Bringing social media at the heart of your operations

From harvesting and multimedia production to one-click publishing and direct analytics, the Dalet social media framework empowers your teams to better engage with their audiences on social media as part of their everyday workflow!



To help manage volume and pace of news on social media Dalet has developed a comprehensive and user-friendly social media framework within the Dalet Unified News Operations workflow. It enables journalists to harvest, analyze, produce and deliver fast-paced news across all social media platforms without leaving their workspace. The latest addition to this framework, the Dalet Social Media Panel gives journalists and news directors a synthetic view of all their posts, including simple analytics to understand in a blink of an eye, the engagement, and popularity. This intuitive UI helps them better decide which content is social media worthy, and how to better fine-tune it for their targeted audiences, ultimately delivering a more bespoke content experience and augmenting engagement.








Journalists get the pulse of social media within their Dalet workspace as news develops. It is easy to follow a specific hashtag and the system automatically collects the related tweets as wires. Any user can subscribe and get notified when a new tweet comes in.




With Dalet OneCut, users can easily re-package television content to make it ready for social posts, including graphics on the timeline with burn-in using Dalet Cube, open captions – an increasingly important feature on social , and integrated voiceover.






While writing a story for television or radio, users can easily curate their script for social media publishing, including drag and drop of images and video into the social media section. Throughout the development of a story, journalists can create new sections of their story to update tweets and posts.




With a click of a button, journalists can post content straight to their personal and/or organization's social media accounts. The system automatically publishes to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, or queues it for later publication synchronized with the on-air playout.






Dalet Social Media Panel helps both journalists and news directors view at a glance what stories are waning versus what topics are trending, aiding in the decision of what news stories and news angles need to be published next.

The analytical tools give journalists and producers a summary of how social media posts are performing. Indicators such as the number of views, likes, shares, but also audience comments and threads, allow users to understand how the content they post is actually performing with their audience.













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