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Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity

Every broadcaster must ensure a failsafe guarantee of service in the event of a downtime of all or part of their primary production and distribution system, should it be an unforeseen event - like a natural disaster, a power failure, a cyber attack - or a scheduled intervention - like a full system upgrade. Signal blackouts mean loss of audience, loss of advertising revenue and potentially irrevocable loss of business.

Designed to enable existing Dalet customers to continue their operations in the event of planned maintenance or disaster, the Dalet Disaster Recovery - Business Continuity (Dalet DR-BC) solutions can be available within minutes providing access to an independent back-up production system, hosting selected content from their primary Dalet platform.

Complete back-up available within minutes

The Dalet DR-BC provides access to back up content (video, audio, scripts, rundowns, etc.) replicated from the primary platform – from a few hours up to days or weeks of content depending on capacity policies of the secondary site. Available within minutes, all operation-critical workflows defined by the customer’s contingency plan will be switched on. They replicate the processes and configurations of the production environment.

In the case of a news production operation platform for instance, the DR solution can include live news agency content, the ability to continue to create stories, build rundowns, connect craft editors, digital publishing to selected web and social media platforms, as well as on air playout facilitated either by IP streaming or by a secondary broadcast center with playout and up-linking capability connected to the Dalet BC-DR system.

Flexible architecture for optimal failsafe guarantee

The Dalet BC-DR offers a range of solutions, based on a secondary Dalet site, which can be hosted in an environment of the customer’s choosing including on-premise, hosted in a private cloud, or in a public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. It is architected as a smaller-scale system enabling customers to continue their operations with a percentage of their user base and set of functionality. 

Virtualized resources to optimize the cost of DR

The pay-as-you-go and on demand infrastructure models of the cloud make it particularly interesting for broadcasters. Indeed, as long as the BC-DR site is dormant, customers need only pay for capacity – storage and a few instances - to back up the critical data. When the BC-DR needs to be turned into production processing, instances get spun up and billed. This is a drastic economic change compared to classic plans requiring heavy capital investment and operations to acquire and maintain banks of servers.

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