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NAB NYC 2017

Event Start : 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Event End: 
Thursday, October 19, 2017
New York, USA
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Visit us at booth N344 where Dalet media workflow specialists will take you through the latest developments for Dalet solutions and services!

You can register for free NAB NYC admission with Dalet VIP code NY4729.



Content Discovery

Content Discovery

Add a layer of intelligence on your content!

The Dalet recommendation engine gives your editorial team a head start.

News with Social at the Core

Dalet Social Media Pane

Don't treat social as an after-thought! The award-winning Dalet Social Media Panel enables content curation and publishing, research and trend analysis.

Workflow Orchestration

Dalet has award-winning solutions for workflow orchestration to help media organizations maximize production efficiencies across operations.

Managing IMF
at Scale

Native IMF Support

Need to process a lot of IMF content? The Dalet platform streamlines ingest, mapping, preview, packaging & distribution of IMF bundles.

Connecting Creatives

Dalet Xtend for Adobe Premiere Pro

Dalet Xtend seamlessly connects creatives to their workflow. Discover the latest features of the integration with Adobe® Premiere Pro®!

Cloud Solutions

Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery

Explore new possibilities with Dalet xN forward-thinking solutions for business continuity, augmented ingest as well as scalable IMF operations.

Introducing Dalet Cube, your smart and cost-effective graphics solution for digital and social media distribution

Dalet Cube offers a superior user experience & branding efficiencies for creating & managing graphics across the entire news production & playout workflow.


Orchestrating the Media Enterprise

Dalet Orchestration helps media organizations maximize production efficiencies across departments and operations.

  • Orchestrate media supply chain, user tasks & media services
  • Bring visibility to operations & measure performance
  • Unify your operations & enable business agility

Unified News Operations

The world's leading story-centric, fully integrated news production and delivery solution for TV, radio, web and social.

  • Story-centric news planning & production tools 
  • Advanced social media tools provide instant access to social feeds, audience metrics and quick publishing
  • Built-in multimedia editor and graphics engine

Streamlining Program Preparation, Post-Production & Multi-platform Distribution

Simplifying the way broadcasters & media organizations manage the production, versioning & distribution of content.

  • Native IMF support
  • Advanced versioning & packaging, automated distribution
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Wide range of file delivery standards including support of latest formats 4K/UHD and standards 2022-6 & upcoming 2110

Radio isn't just audio anymore!

Backed by collaborative multimedia tools, Dalet Galaxy Radio streamlines next-gen radio production, broadcast & automation.

  • Multimedia production: audio, metadata, images, videos

  • Multi-platform delivery: linear broadcast, web, social

  • Enterprise-class solution: reliable, secure, open and scalable

Helping you build the right plan in the cloud

Exploit new business and technological possibilities brought about by the advancement of cloud, virtualization, dynamic scalability and hybrid on/off-premise deployments.

  • Develop a connected, borderless organization

  • Transition your business model & align costs with revenues

  • Reduce global risk and ensure business continuity

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens up a new era

Managing artificial intelligence at scale and fielding it in relevant use cases for media organizations requires an advanced asset management and orchestration platform like Dalet Galaxy.

  • Flexible, media- and business-aware data model

  • Fully featured integration framework

  • Connect open, extensible ecosystem of AI engines and applications like the Veritone's technology.


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