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Enterprise Orchestration

Enterprise Orchestration

Dalet Orchestration Integrates Content Pools & Automates Workflows Across Verticals

Dalet Orchestration provides the framework and connectors to break silos and establish a true agile media enterprise

Designed to Streamline the Media Enterprise and Unify Operations

Content owners, post-production houses, broadcasters and other media organizations face the challenge of adapting to the media industry’s constant change, producing and delivering content to an increasing number of platforms, in a growing number of versions and formats. To stay ahead of the pack there is no choice but embracing change and getting the entire organization to become as agile as the requirements put on the business. The key to achieve this lies in the way the assets are managed and the workflows are distributed across the operation.

Orchestration for Media Operations

Powered by Dalet Galaxy, Dalet Orchestration automates configurable processes combining system services and customized user tasks, leveraging rich assets to enable complex tasks such as EDL, Playlist and Package creation.

Reducing the Complexity of Multiplatform Distribution

Distributing effectively to a wide variety of outlets is one of the key challenges for broadcasters and media organizations today. From social media to websites and linear broadcast, the need for an agile, orchestrated solution is greater than ever to reduce complexity and the number of steps required to publish rich, multimedia content.

Bringing Visibility

Delivered with a full Report Center, the solution brings Business Intelligence (BI) to the organization, allowing users at various levels to monitor and analyze key indicators about their operations in order to make more informed immediate decisions and over time build proper data-driven strategies.

Simple-to-Use Workflow Design Tools

A drag-and-drop web-based interface enables users to easily configure simple to complex workflows, where administrators can define naming conventions of assets, inputs, outputs and which assets to effect at various stages in the workflow. The rich library of workflow components associated to the native Dalet stencils ensures that any business scenario can be supported, across a variety of industries and use cases.

Dalet Workflow Designer


System-Wide Monitoring Identifies Problems and Eliminates Pain Points

Users with appropriate rights can benefit from a real-time monitoring of complex end-to-end workflows in graphical and chronological views. The entire workflow progress, as well as the current task progress, are presented in a user-intuitive interface. If a particular process in the workflow fails, the user can correct the issue, and with a click of the ‘retry’ button the workflow can continue from the point of failure rather than having to start the whole workflow process over again.

Dalet Workflow Monitor


Connecting Systems and Services to Eliminate Silos

The Dalet Orchestration solution comes with a wide range of out-of-the-box connectors, from industry standards like FIMS to pre-built custom partner technology integrations covering simple file-based exchange - connecting file transfer applications, HSM, QC, Media Transcoders and Content Analysis, to complex asset-based connectors enabling a bi-directional communication with systems such as PAM/MAM/DAM, CMS, OVP, NRCS, Graphic Systems, Traffic, Scheduling and Billing Systems. 
Further to this, the public web services API allows for any ad-hoc integration to be developed in-house or by a contractor.


Dalet Orchestration Feature Highlights & Key Benefits

The Dalet Orchestration solution combines a powerful BPM engine, user tasks management with associated tools, a wide range of connectors to the media ecosystem, a dedicated dashboard for real-time monitoring, and a report center for business intelligence.


Feature Highlights & Key Benefits
  • Web-based graphical interface to design and model business processes, including user tasks, service tasks, decision gateways, timeout and error management
  • A BPM execution engine automating workflows to improve productivity and reduce the risk of human errors
  • Silo-breaker leveraging a wide set of connectors to the most widely used media/metadata services and systems
  • Asynchronous jobs management (transcoders, data movers, file-based QC, etc.) via a real-time job scheduler
  • Support for on-premise, hybrid or cloud-based deployments
  • User tasks management to enable truly smart decisions in the workflows
  • Task list available for user assignments and task lifecycle management with customizable board and list views 
  • Complex work order handling to process a variety of assets
  • Designed for scalability with support of over 1,000 active tasks within a single workflow & thousands of simultaneous workflow instances
  • Redundant and highly available infrastructure with a distributable back-end supporting asynchronous tasks
  • Business intelligence reporting to measure the efficiency of your business/operations



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