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Government & Institutions

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Your Challenge

Acquiring, accessing, analyzing, managing, tagging, producing, distributing and archiving massive amounts of media and metadata has become a key driver of success. But with shrinking budgets, rising concerns over data security, and users’ relentlessly high expectations, the mandate is hard to deliver on. Organizations need highly scalable solutions to streamline complex content workflows and adapt faster to changing needs and audience habits, whether they are inbound or outbound.

How we can help


Media teams need to continuously improve and efficiently manage all the phases  of the content lifecycle - from acquisition and production though to enrichment, editing and curation all the way to packaging and distribution - all within constraints of time and budget. Technical operations need to service these media teams with platforms that efficiently merge various media and metadata layers, expertly manage access rights and privileges, and provide seamless third-party integrations thanks to an open IT architecture.

Dalet provides the platform to give your media teams all the power they need at their fingertips, and the professional services to return the best value from the investment and assist with your technical and organisational transformation.

Solutions that Streamline your Operations

Powered by Dalet Galaxy, designed for your workflow.


Content Acquisition, Logging & Production

Library Management & Archiving

Distribution & Content Access


Dalet offers scalable media workflow solutions for government agencies, non-government organizations and public institutions.




NATO - Covering News at NATO HQ & Abroad


Credit: All rights belong to the NATO Public Diplomacy Division




Central Ingest,

Scheduling & Recording

Powerful Logging &



Distribution & Playout




With the advanced ingest & playout capabilities of Dalet, media organizations can manage simultaneous and synchronized ingest of multiple camera feeds.

Dalet Galaxy also provides a powerful scheduling tool for automated ingest.

Operators log content from all camera angles using Dalet Events Logger, which is fully customizable. Content can be transcribed by operators using keyboard or stenography methods to generate live captions.

Dalet WebSpace users can later use the logs to search content and tags, select shots and create EDLs using Dalet OneCut for content production.

All media assets, including archived material, are immediately available, allowing you to create the content once, use and distribute it across many platforms. Flexible metadata schemes facilitate the assembly of tailored packages, while the powerful Dalet Workflow Engine automates transcoding & delivery.

Dalet OnAir can automate playout, incorporating graphics generated by Dalet Cube.


Additional benefits of the solution


Universal Metadata Capabilities & AI

Benefit from a future-proof platform with open and advanced data models, the foundational framework for the implementation of new technologies such as cognitive services. Search your content catalog and archives quickly and efficiently with Dalet's customized and contextual metadata forms and powerful index tools. Key highlights include the support of automatically generated, human-authored, and geo-location metadata; integration with AI and auto-analysis services (Speech to Text, Facial Recognition, etc.); and complex digital rights management.


News & Radio Production + Distribution Capabilities

A powerful, end-to-end production, automation and distribution solution. Empower your editors and producers with intuitive tools for creating compelling multimedia stories and newscasts right on their desktops and mobile devices while on the go.


Business Intelligence & Actionable Data

A well-structured MAM back-end tightly combined with workflow orchestration is the only way to enable data-driven media operations. Consolidating and aggregating this data into actionable insights is key to developing BI capabilities and improve over time.


Cloud-Ready, Future-Proof Framework

Exploit new business  and technological possibilities brought about through the advancement of cloud, virtualization, dynamic scalability and hybrid on-/off-premise deployments. Dalet solutions are based on agile frameworks that are designed from the ground up to leverage public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.





Dalet products & solutions are used by many thousands of individual users at hundreds of government agencies, public institutions, non-profits, and non-government organizations in the world.




Customer testimonial - Mauritius National Assembly


“The installation of Dalet and broadcasting from parliament live for the first time helps the National Assembly meet one of its core mission statement objectives,” explains Saseeta Ramsahye-Rakha, parliamentary ICT manager of the Mauritius National Assembly.




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