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Sports Logging

Sports Logging

Sports broadcasts are high-pressure events where time is of the essence. As the whole process starts with logging events, broadcasters need to rely on efficient tools able to provide flexibility, time savings, and seamless integration into the entire production workflow.
Dalet’s logging solutions boast easily customizable metadata schemes to log every type of sports. Metadata are linked to recorded media based on time codes and remain within the asset during its entire lifecycle. Native integration with sports data feeds further adds to content enrichment through quick insertion of team rosters, player information, event schedules and more. Content is better referenced throughout, making searches of the content catalogue and archives more efficient.


Dalet Sports Logger

In addition to these advanced metadata capabilities, Dalet Sports Logger offers an intuitive interface to log multiple events at the same time. It improves user experience and speeds live-to-air operations through fast highlight creation. Creating clips and logs now becomes part of the same process. Seamless MAM integration enhance collaboration as content is made immediately available to all – even while record – for fast assembly of multiple playlists or for finishing in NLEs.


Dalet Sports Factory

Looking for an end-to-end solution for the management, production, and distribution of sports content? Dalet Sports Factory improves user workflows and processes so they can create, monetize, and distribute content easier and faster.

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