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The rate of change within broadcast facilities is accelerating. The need to launch new channels and handle new formats and services, while simultaneously reducing headcount, provides broadcasters with many challenges. Reducing cost and operational complexity – while retaining the production quality necessary for success - have become mission-critical.
While using standard IT to reduce cost, playout solutions need to be designed to seamlessly work with third-party systems to create a cohesive workflow able to deliver the benefits of streamlined and efficient operations. In a fast-changing environment, playout solutions also need to provide high levels of scalability and flexibility to match broadcasters’ growing needs and future-proof their investment.
Dalet’s highly integrated playout solutions expertly address these challenges by providing high-density functionality for not only video and audio, but also secondary media and metadata. Ensuring maximum on-air reliability, Dalet On-Air offers an intuitive and configurable user interface along with purpose-built tools for smooth operations and last minute modifications. Running simultaneous channels that require different localized content and branding has never been easier.
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