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The necessity to reduce costs and increase efficiency, as well as the growing use of IT in the broadcast industry are pushing broadcasting and production companies towards file-based workflows. Ingest is becoming a central part of all areas in media organizations. Whether coming from tape or from digital sources, high volumes of content need to be ingested and centralized for production, distribution and archiving. When choosing an ingest solution, standard encoding methods, quality and metadata preservation for a flawless exchange of material have to be thoroughly examined.



Well aware of those challenges, Dalet provides a full range of hardware and software solutions delivering reliable and effective ingest to ensure that only first quality media will be ingested into your workflow.


  • Dalet Brio3 - a video server designed for multi-format, high-density ingest
  • Dalet AmberFin Ingest - dedicated to high quality ingest
  • Dalet ClipShuttle - control of Flexicart robots for mass digitization
  • Dalet Ingest - centralized ingest for News, Sports, Program preparation and Radio workflows
  • Dalet Multicam Manager - multi-camera ingest for sports and studio production
  • Dalet Rec&Play - simple and manual SDI recordings based on Dalet Brio3
  • Dalet Audio Ingest - audio ingest for Radio workflows

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