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Dalet offers a range of editing tools that perfectly suit the industry’s needs for handling all types of media instantly and efficiently. Ready for convergence, Dalet editing solutions manage video, as well as audio and text editing. All types of applications are covered, includingfast highlight creations, quick trimming as well as true timeline editing operations in SD / HD or 1080p. Because we know that speed comes first, our tools are straightforward, easy to use and capable of delivering edits without time-consuming rendering processes. Features such as “edit while record” or “edit proxies” speed up live-to-air operations while full interoperability with major post-production systems streamlines workflows.


Dedicated for Sports, News, Program preparation, Archiving and Radio workflows, our editing tools foster collaboration and seamlessly integrate within existing environments. 


Dalet One Cut
  • Multimedia editing: video, audio, stills and graphics
  • Radio editing
  • Fast turnaround editing
  • Voice-over recording
  • Compliance editing
  • Collaborative editing
Dalet Xtend
  • For complete interoperability with 3rd party NLEs
Dalet Highlight Espresso
  • Fast highlight creation


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